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Mobile betting is gaining in popularity due to its accessibility. With the advent of smartphones, most people today always have these types of devices with them, so they can play anytime, anywhere. How to bet with 1xbet, what are the advantages of mobile gaming and what do you need to know?

To simplify betting via mobile phone 1xbet offers these applications:

1xbet app for Android is designed for 4.1 and later systems. You can download it for free, directly at the operator's website, or on Google Play. Another possibility is the application for smartphones with iOS operating system. It is available in the AppStore. You can also download an application designed to sort and purchase promotional codes. If you have a mobile phone that supports Java, you can also download from the 1xbet website the official application designed for this solution.

At the same time, to facilitate betting on classic computers you can download a special software. Its name is 1xWin and supports the Windows operating system, ie the version of XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

How to control the mobile app 1xbet ?

The mobile devices you have selected must be configured so that they can be downloaded from unknown sources, otherwise it is possible that the download of the file will not be completed. If the 1xbet application is successfully downloaded and installed, you will need to have the standard access data available to use it, which you entered on the site during registration. For all devices, a unique login and password will be required. After that, betting is done exactly as it is done on the web. This means that you have to choose the desired sport from the menu, choose your bet, your bet and then you have to confirm. The interface is very intuitive to use.

Is the mobile application necessary?

Betting via a mobile phone application is not an absolute necessity. The 1xbet page is optimized for viewing on these devices. Although it must be accepted that this is at the expense of the availability of certain functions and a somewhat reduced graphic processing. However, the undoubted advantage is the ability to reduce the volume of downloaded data. When you do not have wifi and use mobile internet, its use is highly recommended.

As mentioned above, for betting on 1xbet via a mobile phone or tablet the installation of the app is not an absolute necessity. When you access 1xbet via the web from these devices the page automatically recognizes which version to recommend so that the 1xbet service is best optimized.

Otherwise, you can manually activate the mobile version of the site. First, you must of course remember the exact address of the site. Which is quite easy, just know that before the web address is usually necessary to add "m.".

Deposit and withdrawal of money via mobile phone

The ability to deposit money via mobile phone into each player's account is one of the absolute standards for online casinos. 1xbet is no exception in this respect - even here, you will find among the options the possibility of depositing money. Everything works on the principle of submitting a request, according to which a text message with an authorization code will then be sent. By entering the code, the deposit to the account is made automatically, regardless of which mobile phone operator you are using. It may also be that the amount is directly subtracted from the remaining credit or added to the billing you receive each month.

In general, there are different specifications for this type of payment. The first is the fact that a charge of this type is rather limited, i.e. you can deposit a smaller amount up to a maximum of about €50. Withdrawals with this system are not permitted at all. The account must always be linked to an electronic wallet or bank account. Another disadvantage is the relatively high fees. They can vary up to a maximum of about €2. Unlike many other payment methods, however, depositing via a mobile phone is fast. So, while it certainly has its limitations, it remains a very popular method.

Where to enter the code?

When you first register, enter the code here:

Registration form at 1xbet

More details here:

To obtain promo codeEnter the code
+130€ max at first deposit (instead of 100€)1XBIG

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