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The 1xbet bonus platform offers its visitors another bonus which represents the possibility of making combined bets which greatly increases the chances of players. What is a combined bet? If you are an experienced player, you of course know this name and know what it means. The combined bet is a kind of bet that can be placed on several sporting events at the same time, for example on several football matches. This type of bet is risky but potentially it can bring a lot of money to the player if he wins.

How is it going? For example, you must make your bets on three real football matches. Your version is as follows: one match will end with the victory of South Africa, the second will be a draw, and the winner of the third match will be the team of France. Then, you will win provided that all three matches are finished as you planned, and your win will be the sum of your bet multiplied by the coefficients presented in the table on the page. So, it is certain that the amount of your deposit will increase significantly. But if at least one of the teams will have a different result than your announced result, you will lose your bet.

A special bonus: special bets

The 1xbet site offers you the possibility to make special bets. This means that here you have the opportunity to take part not only in sports matches, but also in events that are not related to sports life. Thus, visitors can bet on political elections, for example:

  • in France;
  • or the United States;
  • It is also possible to bet on the Olympic Games;
  • the TV shows.

Here we can even bet on the answer to the question: Which city will host the 2028 Olympic Games? Or Which country will have the football championship in 2028? We have a wide choice of betting in the financial field.

1xbet Bonus Conclusion

As you can see, the 1xbet site will not leave you indifferent. As soon as you register on the site, you receive the bonus that you can play without receiving your real money. In addition, the site prepares many surprise bonuses for you to place bets on different sporting events including football, tennis, baseball, etc. You even have the opportunity to participate in politics by betting on elections, guessing the future location of upcoming matches around the world, trying your luck in the financial sector and many other interesting things. In addition, you can make bets on a few events at a time by increasing your potential winnings.

Where to enter the code?

When you first register, enter the code here:

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More details here:

To obtain 1xbet promo code South AfricaEnter the code
+130€ max at first deposit (instead of 100€)1XBIG

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