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Once the 1xBet bonus amount has been credited to their account, many players wonder how it can be withdrawn. The answer is relatively simple.

Withdrawal is always possible if the conditions are fully met. Bonuses are not deducted from payments, so players can also receive money. The duration of payment depends on the payment method chosen, but is usually made within 24 hours. In my case, with Neteller, it's simple.

Important: the 1xBet bonus is limited to 130 euros. Even for larger amounts deposited, a maximum of 130 euros will be credited to the player's account.

Comparison with other bookmakers

The amount offered is not extraordinary. The 130 euro bonus is now offered by many bookmakers such as, Bet365 or Betfair. Therefore, it is more relevant to compare the conditions to determine whether they are more attractive to passengers. We have examined in detail whether the 1xBet © bonus can be convincing in this area.

100% First Deposit Bonus: The 1xbet © bonus is the amount copied directly by the reseller and is immediately available for wagering.

The only requirement is a minimum deposit of 1 euro. A maximum of 130 euros will be credited to the betting account. Note that unlike the lost wagering bonus paid first, as for bookmakers, the bonus will be very useful. Indeed, in the case of the first winning bet, you are always entitled to a bonus.

Qualifications: Even if it is only possible to deposit a few cents of euros, a mini deposit to double is 1 €. As the bonus is only valid on the first deposit, it will be embarrassing to credit an account with such a small amount. No special code required. The bonus will be automatically credited after payment.

Unlocked condition: The conditions for the recovery of bonuses are an important factor in the evaluation of wagering bonuses. That 1xBet © appears at this stage is quite interesting. Three times the bonus amount is sufficient. However, only combined bets involving three choices with a minimum score of 1.40 can be taken into account. Think about it and don't bet on special bets or on a single 1N2.

Special: As long as the bonus conditions are not met, you cannot withdraw the first deposit account or bonus account. It is possible to win if the fixed bonus is at least twice the amount of the wagering account balance. It is not possible to withdraw if the account balance is less than the bonus amount and at least one bet has not been taken.

Where to enter the code?

When you first register, enter the code here:

Registration form at 1xbet

More details here:

To obtain EXAMPLE OF PAYMENT IN BONUS 1xBetEnter the code
+130€ max at first deposit (instead of 100€)1XBIG

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